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There Are Hungry All Around

Bill ProffitIt’s a period of his life that’s difficult to talk about. Bill and his wife were struggling. They had been laid off due to the economy and had medical bills to pay. Using most of their savings and working odd jobs, they stayed on top of their bills, but there was not much left for food.  They did not qualify for food stamps, and came to the Pantry at the Senior Center two or three times, but they ceased using it because they felt that others were in greater need.

Unknown to most, Bill and his wife often did not eat for days at a time.  Even after returning to work full time, his wife went without food for at least one day every week for more than a year and Bill would go without food two to three days a week.

He found out about the Tailgate event one day when he saw the line of cars on Hill Street. At the time, his wife had not eaten for a day and he had not eaten in two days. He asked a man directing traffic what was happening, then got in line and followed it to the Senior Center.

“The tailgates really helped,” said Bill. “They got us through a difficult eight months.” Bill didn’t just come for the food. He began helping with traffic flow and now, three years later, he is in charge of directing traffic.

For the first time in a year and a half, Bill has a job, and he and his wife have health insurance.  Bill says knowing you don’t have food really wears on a person, but he also knows they aren’t the only ones dealing with hunger. He knows all too well that there are people going without food and starving in Wabash County and he has resolved to be involved.

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