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Empowered to Live Well in Wabash County

PennyPenny is a survivor. Her father died when she was young, making her growing up years a struggle. They made everything they wore and grew everything they ate, and had very little income. After graduating from Marion High in 1958, Penny joined the Army. In 1961, she came home for awhile to help her family, then headed to California on the bus with $50 in her pocket to get an education as an LPN.

She eventually lost a lot of her eyesight, but continued to work as a private care nurse. She married her husband, John, and moved to Arizona.  They had a wonderful life and home until they lost their life savings in a financial scam. It was then that Penny and John moved back to Wabash County at the urging of her relatives.

It was not easy, nor was it inexpensive to relocate. Even putting gas into their car was too much, so Wabash County Transit became their mode of transportation to and from their home in the La Fontaine area.  They are “way over sixty” according to Penny, and as such, qualify to ride by donation rather than paying the Transit fares.

They were also eligible for Community Cupboard’s senior commodity box program which according to Penny, made all the difference to them. “Everyone is so nice,” she says. “These basic services: meals, pantry, transit and commodity boxes helped us make it. Living Well in Wabash County saved us financially.”

Now that Penny and John are back on their feet they are able to enjoy life again, “We feel like we’ve made a lifetime of friends here. It is wonderful at the Senior Center, and Transit is a dream.”

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